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Thirty-three years in the auto sales business as a salesman, sales manager, wholesaler, and independent dealer and I still don`t know why they run those crazy ads! But one of the things I do know is that dealers like to make money, lots of money! There is nothing wrong with that. Sales personnel from managers, sales people, and the finance departments all love the sale and the commissions and that`s the way it should be. There is also nothing wrong with knowing what you are walking into when you go onto a lot. Knowing what to expect when you are going through the sales process, and it is a process, will help you save hundreds and quite possibly thousands on your next purchase.

We will go over the pros and cons of buy-here-pay-here financing. Tax time is coming and those dealers are loading up on inventory. Why?  Because they plan on making a lot of money. We`ll give you options on where to go to get financing that makes sense, lenders that want you to succeed and not put you into a payment you really can`t afford. We get customers in all the time that have been to the big buy-here-pay-here dealers and are so upside down in their trade that there is no way to get out. For instance, we had a gentleman in who had bought a 2011 sedan at a local dealer, has been paying on it for a year, and still owed $12,500! With a payment of $253 every two weeks.  The car had 92k miles and NADA clean trade was $6775.  Good credit, bad credit, no credit, you should never have to pay over NADA clean retail for a vehicle. There are lenders out there that will finance you at a payment you can actually afford, and at a price that makes sense. They want you to succeed.

We will tell you where to get the best bid on your trade, what to look out for when you get to the finance office, what question is asked that always, always gets you to go up on payments, it works every time, and why do they run all those crazy ads. Well, maybe we can`t explain the ads, but we`ll try to make sense of them.  

It`s $9 for one year, $15 for two years. Each month new articles and tips will be added to keep you updated on trends in the business including service and repair information. So, if you are ready to learn how to save on your next vehicle purchase, sign up, get logged in, and get ready to deal with money saving knowledge on your side.


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